Board Kings Free Rolls – Daily Free Gifts, Stickers & Rewards

Dice rolling is really important in the Board Kings game where many people can play together. You use dice rolls to play, make your board better, and move forward in the game.

But here’s the question: How can you get dice rolls for free in the Board Kings Online Board Game? There are different ways to get Board Kings Free Rolls. For example, you can get them from daily rewards and links that give you free rolls every day.

So, if you’re wondering about getting free dice rolls in Board Kings, here are different ways you can get them for free.

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Board Kings Free Rolls

In Board Kings, create your own kingdom and play matches to level up your game board. When you level up, you’ll snag awesome rewards for free. Board Kings is generous with daily gifts that you can find on their social media. You can also grab these daily treats right here – we’ve got you covered!

We make sure all the rewards we share are totally legit. So, there’s no need to search around for gifts – you can grab them all from here. Keep this article handy, so you’re always in the loop about the latest Board Kings free rolls and gifts.

Board Kings Free Rolls Links 2023

Best way to get free rolls in Board Kings game is to use Board Kings free rolls links. Following are the working free rolls links for you.

TodayGet 40 Free RollsCollect
YesterdayGet 40 Free RollsCollect
Sep 6, 2023Get 40 Free RollsCollect
Sep 5, 2023Get 40 Free JuiceCollect
Sep 4, 2023Get 40 Free RollsCollect
Sep 3, 2023Get 40 Free RollsCollect

Using a Gift Code repeatedly is against the rules. If you’ve tried this before, you should definitely be more cautious.

Remember, the cool free rewards you get have their own restrictions and a time limit. So, it’s best to enjoy them ASAP. Each day, you’ll find a fresh mix of free rolls and gems up for grabs in Board Kings. So keep your eyes peeled!

How to Claim Free Dice Rolls from a Board Kings Rolls Link?

Getting those awesome free dice rolls in Board Kings is a breeze! Here’s how: When you snag a dice roll gift via the Board Kings link, just click on it. This will launch the Board Kings game, and voila! Your free reward is right there, waiting for you.

Now, let’s talk about the clock ticking on those free roll gifts. They usually stick around for about 2 to 3 days, giving you a decent window to claim them. Make it a habit to grab your gift as soon as you spot a link!

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To make things even easier, the crafty game developers drop daily reward links on Board Kings’ Facebook page. Swing by there to snatch these links or simply bookmark this page for the latest links. 

Other Ways to Get Board Kings Free Rolls in 2023

1. Five Free Rolls Every Hour

While you’re diving into the game, a real treat awaits – you’ll pocket 5 rolls for free every single hour! Keep a close watch on the time left until your next roll stash right under the dice capsule bar.

Wrap your head around this: a whopping 120 free rolls are yours for the taking in just one day through this awesome feature. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

2. Get in the Game with Facebook 

Ready to dive into Board Kings’ world? You’ve got options: either roll in as a Facebook-logged hero or slide in as a guest player. The perks? Lots of Board Kings free dice rolls and juicy rewards that come your way when you opt for the Facebook login route.

But wait, there’s more! Unleash the real gaming power with a Facebook login. It’s your secret code to unlocking extra game goodies. If you ever feel like making a quick exit, don’t worry – you can always logout and detach Facebook from your game settings, no strings attached.

3. Score Big with Freebies – Watch Videos

Alright, game time just got sweeter. Pay a visit to the main menu, and there it is – the free gift option, ready to roll. How? By tuning in to some quick video ads, you’ll be raking in coins, dice rolls, or even some epic game loot.

Sure, it might not shower you with an avalanche of rolls, but hey, it’s a lifesaver when those game-time emergencies hit. Just think of it as your secret stash of emergency dice rolls – always there when you need ’em most.

4. Get Friends to Join

Bringing your buddies into the game is a great way to enjoy Board Kings together and earn bonuses.

During the game, you can share a special link with your friends. If your friend downloads and starts playing using that link, you both receive bonus rolls as a reward.

Your Personal Board Kings ID

Your unique friend code is like a special key. When you play using Facebook, you can find this code in the main menu. For instance, it might look like 123-456-789.

Use this code to find and add friends within the game. Feel free to share your code with your friends. This way, you can connect in the game and both of you will earn exciting in-game gifts for free.

5. Finish Board Levels 

When you improve all the buildings and finish board levels, you earn various prizes.


  • Extra dice rolls
  • Decorative stickers
  • Police units
  • Coins

So, completing board levels also helps you earn bonus dice rolls.

6. Collect All Stickers in Your Album 

In the game, you earn stickers as rewards, trade them with friends, and play to win more. Plus, when you gather all the stickers for a set in your album, you’ll unlock bonus rolls and valuable in-game items as rewards.

7. Join the Fun with Missions and Events

Missions and events are like cool challenges in the game. All you have to do is play the game and do certain things, like collecting special items or finishing tasks. When you do these things, you’ll earn awesome rewards. 

Here’s a simple example: Imagine a mission called the Dice Mission. In the first part of the mission, if you collect 4 special items, you’ll get a fantastic prize of 10 dice to use in the game.

8. Get Cool Freebies: Promotions Just for You 

Every now and then, there are special promotions where you can score awesome free gifts. They might also give you a chance to buy something at a special price. So, you can grab the free stuff and decide if you want to buy the other offer or not. It’s like getting treats and choosing what you want.

9. Awesome Stuff Every Day

In Board Kings, there’s this cool thing called “Daily Goodies.” Every day, you’ll get sweet rewards like rolls, coins, and other gifts. These goodies are up for grabs from day 1 to day 7. All you need to do is open the game each day to collect your free gifts. 

Remember, if you want even more rewards from the daily goodies, make sure you play the game regularly. The more you play, the more you win.

10. Spin the Bonus Wheel Daily

In Board Kings, there’s this super cool thing called the “Daily Bonus Wheel.” And guess what? It’s your chance to win some amazing stuff like rolls, coins, or even a Jackpot Box (which has both rolls and coins!).

So, here’s the deal: You get to spin the bonus wheel once for free every day. Wherever the wheel stops, that’s the prize you get. But here’s the fun part: after your free spin, you can choose to spin again with some coins, but it’s totally up to you if you want to try that or not.

Ready to spin? Look for the rainbow wheel with a cute bunny icon on the right side of your screen. Give it a tap and let the surprises begin!

Complete Cool Idolz Sets 

Idolz Sets are like cool groups of Idolz, which are those cute characters that represent you on the game board. Collect these Idolz and finish different sets of them. When you finish a set, you score free rolls and coins as a special gift. There are more than 65 sets of Idolz, and you can unlock them at different levels in the game. 

That’s all for now! I hope you find these tips about getting free rolls in Board Kings super helpful. If we discover more ways, we’ll make sure to update this list.

How to Play Board Kings 

How to play board kings

Okay, let’s dive into how to play Board Kings. This game is all about having fun on a virtual game board. You roll a dice on the board, and your piece moves according to the number you roll. The best part? There’s a bunch of cool stuff you can do on the board! You can even take some coins from your friends’ boards. 

When you roll the dice, different things can happen. You can score free coins, stickers, extra dice, and lots more cool stuff. And don’t worry if you’re new to the game! When you start playing for the first time, they’ll show you all the steps. After finishing the tutorial, you’ll be a pro. 

Make sure to visit this page daily to grab your Board Kings free gifts. You won’t want to miss out on any awesome rewards!

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