Merge Dragons Mushroom Caps – How to Get

In this guide, you will learn about Merge Dragons Mushroom Caps, how to get them and how to farm them. So, continue reading below.

What Are Mushroom Caps?

Ever played Merge Dragons? Well, Mushroom Caps are like tiny seeds in the game that you can combine to make something cool called Magic Shroom Cluster. Sometimes, you might even get a special Magic Shroom Stalk when you combine them. When you do this while playing the game’s levels, you can also get points – it could be between 30 to 300 points, and sometimes even more if you’re super lucky!

Merge Dragons Mushroom Cap

But wait, there’s more! These Mushroom Caps are also a kind of Mushroom in Merge Dragons. You can put them together to create Spotted Shrooms. You can find them as rewards when you complete levels, open chests that might have dangerous stuff inside, collect them from special Sporehaven Trees (they only show up in certain levels), pick them from mushrooms that are at levels 4 to 9, and sometimes you’ll get some extra when you mix Fungus Logs together. So, it’s like a treasure hunt for these Mushroom Caps throughout the game.

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How to Get Mushroom Caps in Merge Dragons

Let’s dive into how to get mushroom caps in merge dragons. It’s not as tricky as it sounds.

First off, you can nab these Mushroom Caps by collecting them from bushes. There are different kinds of bushes in the game, like Shrub Sprouts and Budding Shrub. These bushes are like little treasure chests waiting to be opened – just tap or harvest them, and voila, you’ll get those Mushroom Caps. Shrub Sprouts are the basic level 1 bushes, while Budding Shrubs are level 2 bushes. Each of these bushes gives you a bunch of Mushroom Caps.

But here’s an even cooler way: get ready to use your dragon’s power! Send your dragon to whack at decayed logs. The wood you get from that can help you build a gnome camp. Once you have this camp, it’ll magically make some bushes pop up. And guess what? Those bushes hold your precious Mushroom Caps! It’s like planting a secret garden.

And don’t forget about magic mushrooms themselves – you can find them too. When you gather these, you’re not only getting more magic mushrooms (yay!), but you might also score chests and fungus logs. These logs are super handy for later when you want to work with Grimm trees.

Merge Dragons Mushrooms Types

Let’s talk about the fantastic world of mushrooms in Merge Dragons! There’s a bunch of them, and they’re all pretty cool. Here’s the lowdown on some of them:

Mushroom Caps: Merge Dragons Mushroom Caps are like the starting point of mushroom adventures. You can mix them up and create Spotted Shrooms. How can you find them? Well, they’re like surprises waiting for you. Sometimes you get them as rewards for completing levels, opening up mysterious Dangerous Chests, and even plucking them from special Sporehaven Trees in certain levels. They also appear on mushrooms from level 4 to 9. And guess what? When you combine Fungus Logs, you might just get some of these as a bonus. They’re kind of like secret mushroom treasure!

Spotted Shrooms: These are the next step in the mushroom journey. You can merge Mushroom Caps and make these. Or, hey, they might just pop up as rewards when you conquer levels.

Rainbow Shrooms: Taking it up a notch, merging Spotted Shrooms gives you Rainbow Shrooms. And guess what? You can also get these as rewards when you rock those levels.

Toadstool: Merging Rainbow Shrooms gets you Toadstools. They’re pretty awesome and can turn into Enchanted Toadstools. Winning levels might just hand you these beauties too.

Enchanted Toadstool: This special mushroom can give you neat stuff! You can find Dragon Egg Chests, Fungus Logs, and Treasure Chests if you harvest them.

Magic Mushrooms: These are truly magical! You can get them as rewards for completing levels, or even by tapping or picking bushes in the game. You can also find them in Dragon Chests from the bushes. When you tap or harvest these, they might even turn into Magic Shroom Clusters or Magic Shroom Stalks. And wait, there’s more! You can use them to get Magic Mushroom Caps, Dragon Egg Chests, Fungus Logs, and Treasure Chests. They’re like a mushroom bonanza!

Magic Mushroom Caps: These little seeds can become the awesome Magic Shroom Cluster. Sometimes, when you merge them, you might even get a surprise Magic Shroom Stalk. If you mix them up in levels, you can also earn points, which is super cool. And guess what? You can find these by tapping or harvesting bushes too. They’re like the start of a mushroom adventure of your own!

So, there you have it – a magical world of mushrooms waiting for you to explore in Merge Dragons!

How do I Get More Spotted Shrooms?

So, you’re eager to gather up some Spotted Shrooms? No worries, I’ve got you covered with some easy tricks.

One way is to team up Mushroom Caps in pairs. But here’s the trick: don’t actually merge them together just yet. This helps you keep more Spotted Shrooms in your collection. Remember, two is better than one for now!

Another nifty way is by checking out those Sporehaven Trees. Give them a little harvest, and you might just find some Spotted Shrooms waiting for you.

How do I Get More Mushroom Caps?

Need more Mushroom Caps for your adventure? No problem! Here are some cool ways to get mushroom caps in merge dragons:

First off, you can snag them as rewards when you finish levels – it’s like a little gift for your hard work. Those Dangerous Chests? Yeah, they can hold Mushroom Caps too, so be sure to open them up!

Remember those Sporehaven Trees I mentioned? Well, they’re back! These special trees only appear in certain levels, but they’re packed with Mushroom Caps, so don’t forget to give them a harvest.

And hey, if you’re dealing with mushrooms from levels 4 to 9, guess what? You can find Mushroom Caps there too. They’re like little treasures waiting to be picked.

Oh, and remember those Fungus Logs? When you mix those up, you might just end up with some Mushroom Caps as a cool extra. And here’s a twist – taking out those Event Zomblins can sometimes leave you with Mushroom Caps as well.

How do I Get More Rainbow Shrooms?

Rainbow Shrooms are pretty awesome, right? Well, here’s how you can get more of them:

Try merging three or five Hero Mushrooms together – that’s the key to unlocking Rainbow Shrooms. Dangerous Chests and Chests of Beasts can sometimes surprise you with these vibrant shrooms too.

If you’re up for a little shopping, you can use 9 Dragon Gems to snag Rainbow Shrooms as Level Rewards. Or, just keep an eye out – sometimes they’re given to you for free, like in the Dread Marsh 3 Level.

Best Tips for Mushroom Cap Farming

Best Tips for Mushroom Cap Farming

So, you’re eager to fill your Merge Dragons game with mushroom caps, right? No worries, I’ve got some top-notch strategies for you that will make it super easy!

Cloudy Peak: The Magical Spot

First up, let’s talk about Cloudy Peak – it’s like a mushroom treasure trove! When you’re there, tap those clouds, and guess what? The water puddles will transform into awesome mushrooms. It’s like a magical swap from water to shrooms!

Dead Marsh 3: Double the Fun

Another smart place to farm is Dead Marsh 3. Why? Well, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get stars, which are super important, and you also score those sweet purple mushrooms. It’s like a double bonus! Collect the purple mushrooms and take them back to your camp – they’re a fantastic addition.

Fast Track with Dangerous Chests

Now, here’s a trick for speed – Dangerous Chests! They’re like treasure chests of goodness. They not only give you stuff quickly but also help turn those puddles into mushrooms in no time. It’s like a fast-track route to mushroom caps!

Dragon Harvesting Magic

You know those bushes at around level four? They’re the key to more mushrooms! Send your dragons to do some harvesting, and you’ll find yourself with a bunch of extra mushrooms. Here’s a cool thing – if you leave your camp and come back, those bushes will be ready for more harvesting. It’s like a never-ending mushroom treasure!

Puddles to Shrooms

And finally, don’t forget the magic of puddles. Those wet spots on the ground? They can transform into mushrooms. It’s like nature’s little surprise for you.

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